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Super-Flo® Drag Conveyor

Super-Flo® Drag Conveyor

The Super-Flo Drag Conveyor was first conceived, and then patented by SCC to provide customers with a high capacity, non-agitating, self-cleaning conveyor that possessed low energy requirements. A properly configured Super-Flo can be designed to economically and effectively move bulk materials in both horizontal directions as well as on an incline with low product degradation. The Super-Flo also keeps dust contained and is a solid, durable solution for conveying a broad range of materials.

Super-Flo Round Bottom Drag Conveyor
Standard Sizes 6 – 24 in.
Typical Lengths 10 – 150 ft. 
Incline Horizontal to 30° 
Typical Capacities 400 – 25,000 cu ft./hour 

Enduro-Flo® Drag Conveyor

Enduro-Flo® Drag Conveyor

The tradition of excellence continues today with the Enduro-Flo. This solution is a robust design built to handle higher capacities. The unit is designed with bolt-on bottoms, easily replaced return rail systems configured for long life and minimal paddle wear, and heavy-duty bearings; all packaged to address a diverse range of bulk material handling applications.

Enduro-Flo Flat Bottom Drag Conveyor
Standard Sizes 12 – 36 in. 
Typical Lengths 10 – 150 ft. 
Incline Up to 75° on compartmentalized units 
Typical Capacities 3,000 – 42,000 cu ft./hour (horizontal units) 

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