Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Hours for your sales offices?
  • Hammond, IN – M-F  7am – 5pm (CST or CDT) 1-800-626-6629 or 1-291-931-1450
  • Visalia, CA – M-F  7:30am – 5pm (PST OR PDT) 1-559-651-2131
What is CEMA?

From the CEMA site:

  • CEMA IS A TRADE ASSOCIATION serving North American manufacturers and designers of conveyor equipment worldwide since 1933.
  • CEMA COMPANIES represent the leading designers, manufacturers and installers of conveyors, conveyor components, and material handling systems.
  • CEMA IS AN ORGANIZATION focused on voluntary adherence to design standards, safety, manufacture and applications to promote the growth of our industry and the advancement of material handling technology.
Are you a CEMA Supplier?

Yes, Screw Conveyor Corporation has been a member and a manufacturer of CEMA defined parts for over 80 years.

How does buying from a CEMA Provider benefit me, versus buying from a non-member?

First, the parts supplied by the members for basic components are interchangeable.  Thus, regardless of your location in North America, you can buy from a CEMA member and know the components are made to the same specification.

Second, the standard set by CEMA and approved by ANSI conveys a consistent and time tested level of quality on which a buyer can rely.

Finally, all systems provided possess safety documentation and labels aimed to protect your business and customers, as well as, the manufacturer.

My 30” diameter screws are running at 90RPM,and my hanger bearings and shafting are only lasting me 2 weeks!.

Wood Chips, 3-5 PCF, .25” x2” x 4” and smaller size , Friable, 10-15% moisture.

Re-evaluated system design. Decreased RPM to 20. Increased level of loading to 30 to reduce load on bearings.

Hanger bearings are now lasting 12 months plus.

My bin will not discharge uniformly and has serious bridging problems!

Wheat midds. 25-30 PCF, 1/8” and smaller, 12% moisture

Redesign screw so feeding was uniform across the length of the inlet and install strike off plates to stop the en-mass flow that was causing rat holing in bin.

Bin stopped bridging and inventory control was greatly enhanced. The first material into the bin was also the first material out.

Material will not go up my 15 degree incline, and has flow characteristics similar to water -- It is flowing back faster than it is going up the incline!

Powder, 400 mesh,65 PCF. Dry very free flowing. Plastic

Increase speed of conveyor.

Material was conveyed up incline at 15% fill with no problems. RPM was changed from 75 to 115.